Reviews for "Weak Sleepers"

Haha, really great!

It was great and enjoyable to watch. The way you drew foamy at first was really nic too. lol, rtil and his roller skates..

Blordow responds:

hehehe thankya

Kind of one-sided

It wasn't bad at all but I would have liked to see the blammed submissions put up more of a fight. You know not necessarily win but in my oppinion it would have looked cooler if they did.

Die Mario!

I liked watching him squirm! :D

Blordow responds:


how did i not see this

holy crap this is so good, great animation and style. oh and u need to make more salty swamp!

Killer zombie action.

You put another level to people sagas on this one video. Music and battles were great man. Mario a little scared chiocken where there is nowhere to hide.Hahaha.