Reviews for "Weak Sleepers"

that was pretty hot

love the coloring and great use of filters. Gotta work on that anatomy tho, some of them shots the characters looked pretty busted, aside from that tho great atmosphere. This Deserves FP

Blordow responds:

yeah i have a bit of trouble with the anatomy, but sometimes it works well with my style. just need to try and make it more obvious. thanks!

Good viedo

they weak the deads just to fight with them???

Blordow responds:



Brilliant work but I think it could have done with a slightly higher frame rate and a lil bit more detail on the art in some parts. I think I might have seen a tween or two as well :P. Apart from that, good work, keep it up!

Blordow responds:


bit short

it was a bit too short but the music totally rocked!


huh mindless killing thats a start

Blordow responds:

it's halloween what do you expect? fairy's and jolly barbie doll tea parties?