Reviews for "Weak Sleepers"

very nice use of colors

I liked the execution in general. The animaton was pretty fluid and had this... dark atmosphere all the way from start to end, wich is nice. I think this animation is pretty much a picture of what happens in rtilĀ“s mind

my only suggestion would be to work a bit on the characters when you change the camera angle so that they have cohesion from scene to scene. like with the mario hiding from rtil.

cute flash. might not work for people that dont knowabout rtil and egoraptorĀ“s drama, you feel me?

good job. You draw the most disturbing people lauging ever.

Blordow responds:

thanks! and i know what you mean about the characters sorta changing look. but that's my style i think. but ill work on it nonetheless!

Fucking raw, I loved it

Hahaha nice. The animation was good, the drawings were hilarious like when Rtil kicked Egoraptor, he looked so pleased with himself about it and Khale looked like a troll on crack. I REALLY loved the colors. This was the shit, it should win.

Blordow responds:

lmao you made my day yungjazz thanks!

holy shit

rtil vs egoraptor in full animated glory!!

what i'm presuming was zekey looked awesome as well

Blordow responds:

yes zekey would look awesome if he was actually in this toon lmao

Kick ass.

The animation was great and the entire thing kicked ass. Oh, and P-Nut, have you ever heard of "SATIRE?" I mean, I love Ego too, I love Foamy, and having them die in this flash was part of the HUMOUR. One has to have a sense of humour about the, even when it comes to the thing they like.

Blordow responds:

Well thank youhoo!

A decent flash.

Just a note to all the reviewers whining about their favorites losing: Get a life jesus, not everyone shares your opinion. No one cares if you don't like it because your fav died.

But it was a decent flash, I like your animation style.