Reviews for "Weak Sleepers"


i see what your getting at but the flash was sucky and the music was bad and it was loud and annoying


holy shit what was that.what ever it was i was fuckin sweet

Where is a Fire Flower when you need one Mario...

Great little animation and the music was perfect for it. I definitely felt the need to head bang a bit, but I showed some self control lol.

Blordow responds:


Fucking raw, I loved it

Hahaha nice. The animation was good, the drawings were hilarious like when Rtil kicked Egoraptor, he looked so pleased with himself about it and Khale looked like a troll on crack. I REALLY loved the colors. This was the shit, it should win.

Blordow responds:

lmao you made my day yungjazz thanks!

it was ok

it was good, but not that good