Reviews for "Weak Sleepers"

holy shit

rtil vs egoraptor in full animated glory!!

what i'm presuming was zekey looked awesome as well

Blordow responds:

yes zekey would look awesome if he was actually in this toon lmao

how did i not see this

holy crap this is so good, great animation and style. oh and u need to make more salty swamp!

Pretty good.

It could have been better drawn and animated, but aside that it's awesome. I loved the mindless killing, and it was well timed with the music.

rtil hehing

rtil definitely hehed in this.

Blordow responds:


Holy crap.

Dude, egoraptor is my idol, but that flash STILL rocked! That was an amazing animation. Very smooth, and a very perfect ending with the credits. Probably the best flash I've seen in my life!

Blordow responds:

i'm glad you liked it!