Reviews for "Weak Sleepers"

Pretty great job

keep up the good work, man B]

Blordow responds:

thanks for reviewing :}


This Flash is so underrated. Seriously. What you do with colors and tweens is godlike.

Blordow responds:

for some reason the score keeps dropping every day. but i'm glad some people appreciate it, thanks!

Good viedo

they weak the deads just to fight with them???

Blordow responds:


Foamy never had a chance

It makes sense now all the stars in the sky are really rtil's daily metals :P
Yeah egoraptor was over kills when rtil called upon all his metals to own him


i don't know who the green lizard thing is but i recognized the rest of those guys. i loved the part where his shoe sole opened up and rollerblades came out and kicked egoraptrs ass! lmao great cartoon :D :D :D 5/5 10/10