Reviews for "Weak Sleepers"

Kick ass.

The animation was great and the entire thing kicked ass. Oh, and P-Nut, have you ever heard of "SATIRE?" I mean, I love Ego too, I love Foamy, and having them die in this flash was part of the HUMOUR. One has to have a sense of humour about the, even when it comes to the thing they like.

Blordow responds:

Well thank youhoo!

Oh how the mighty have fallen

Well except for Rtil, though I did love how his face was when he was killing Egoraptor.

Some of the higher detailed parts(like the side view of Rtil's fist) looked kind of off, but it's still a great flash!

5/5, 9/10

- Ty

Blordow responds:

cheers ultimario

Cooool !!!!

That was soo AWWSSOMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love bring me the horizon :]

Oh god!

I feel so downright offended by this and all these great artists, you're a damn poopiehead!

Blordow responds: