Reviews for "Weak Sleepers"


I liked everything about thios flash, the music, the animation, the plot was amamzing too, you get my five. :D

Blordow responds:

thanks razor, appreciate it


Man I love it themusic,the animation...but egoraptor's dead :@:@:@ btw what's the song's name?

Blordow responds:

i just updated the author comments with the song name. enjoy!

nice soundtrack

i heard bring me the horizon play that live haha
when they played with i killed the prom queen woo
anyways yeah nicccce animation bruh
keep em rockin

Blordow responds:

woo prom queen


*Spoiler alert* YOU KILLED EGORAPTOR!!!

Thank you, it's about time that he got murdered, especially by rtil...

Blordow responds:

ehehhe :P

pretty great

<reptilicus> i am about to watch your flash blordow
<reptilicus> this better not suck
<reptilicus> OR ELSE
<blordow> hahahha
<blordow> OR ELSE WHATT

You have been spared this time Blordow. But next time you might not be so lucky.

Next time, Gadget.

Next time.

Blordow responds:

i shall wait until next time and i will be prepared.