Reviews for "Weak Sleepers"


those things are never blammed!

Blordow responds:

i know like whoa

Hmmm... Interesting...

IT was a good flash, a bit short, but, well, it served it's purpose, it entertained me.
The effects used on it where nice, the blurry short when they are popping out of their graves was "Awesome".
There's only one thing i can't actually get...
Are those characters from another flash movie? (The Red haired person, the dragon, the bulky tanned guy...)

Thanks for submiting this... I guess Rina-Chan or Egoraptor would be happy to know that there are people doin stuff with them.
I would.

See you.

Yours, Spike.

you know what

this is a stupid pile of crap......nah only joking it was well gd i was disapointed egaraptor didnt put up much of a fight but ya know it was stil lgood full marks ;)


Random? not very.
Good? not too good.
Worth these many tens(look beneath)? no way

i mean... look at "the bright in the screen" it should get a lot better reviews than this one... well does it? hell no.

Blordow responds:

ok rather than rant about the reviews and some other flash, how about you give some constructive criticism


Hilarious and random, I love it!

Blordow responds: