Reviews for "Weak Sleepers"

very good a+

I liked this. The music is very nice and the graphics are subtly edited to accompany the feeling the music creates. Very good work.

Haha, really great!

It was great and enjoyable to watch. The way you drew foamy at first was really nic too. lol, rtil and his roller skates..

Blordow responds:

hehehe thankya

happy hallowen!

A nine for total effort but I did not understand the song much. All characters were spooky though. Happy Halloween newgrounder.

Blordow responds:

happy halloweeeeeen!

hehe nice

I liked it but now my eyes hurt and i have a head ache. Still liked it tho, Wish there was longer tho...Would be fucking trippy, 5/5

it was enjoyable

Not as complex as I thought it would be
But still very sweet