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Reviews for "Drunken Stick"


i did like it, altohough, at the end, it is the wrong stickman who asks about the balls in the grass... it is supposed to be the one that says "fuck you..." instead, it is the one above him...GREAT ANYWAY...7/10

Great job

Yihaaa time for round 2 drunken style jajaja cool animation


You get props for attempting Drunken Fist in a stick movie; I've never seen that before. I didn't like the text/emoticon speech, though I can understand since the focus of this is the action. In the end this is a bit too simplistic in terms of today's stick flash (see Castle series) but I understand you're not too experienced and it's a solid entry nonetheless.

FYI, you're not supposed to actually be drunk to use Drunken Fist. It's just a movie :)

Now that would of been a great day