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Reviews for "Drunken Stick"

Very nice

For a first flash, very well done.

Love the music, it fit in perfectly. Animation was fine, not too sloppy. The "dialogues" were great. Added to the humour. Fight scenes not at all boring, and most of the flash is very unique in a way.

So nice job, keep it up. Though a bit longer and more action-packed would have been nice. The humour was what made this flash so enjoyable by the way. Loved the poor guy who had his balls ripped off hahaha.

stick fighting is out of date

We had had a lot of them. Nice animation. The score should be between 4 and 4.1.


For your first big flash movie you did a really great job. Nice smooth animation and it was funny to top it off. cant wait to see more of your work in the future.


to funny


Very good! Like it a lot. The animation is smooth, the drunk guy is all loose and floppy like drunk people are, the animation is fast and well-timed, and the fight is very well choreographed. My only complaint here would be that it's so short. I was kind of anticipating more drunken fight, but that was actually shorter than the non-drunk fight. Ah, well. At least, if they're short, you can make more.