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Reviews for "Drunken Stick"

Super smooth

For its simple animation, it was really cool fighting. He got his nads taken off though... ouch


that was awesome, at least, for what was there it was awesome :D it was short...but it didn't feel too short. also great cuz it was action packed. it also had a bit of humour in there. just brilliant, good job...the fighting was very well done.

Great stick animation fight

I haven't seen a good stick animation fight in a long while. Not since that xiao xiao guy. Great job, I'd really like to see more.
A longer fight sequence would be preferable.
The text speech was a nice touch.

Drunken Master!

You ever seen Drunken Master II? The Jackie Chan movie? Had some great fight scenes. As did this little short with stick figures, great stick animation!


Funny stuff. You could've drawn them balls ripping of though!