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Reviews for "Drunken Stick"

Zhu Quan ftw :D

You know, I have yet to see a good flash on NG that has that martial art in it, and this one qualifies as a good one :)

felt a bit short, but animation was pretty slick to make up for it, and the fighting seemed relatively accurate to Zhu Quan

you nabbed my 5/5 9/10 :)

Nice to see some Stick

I haven't seen any good Stick animation in a while
Pity it's a dying art T_T
Really fluid and the music was great
I'd love to see more from you, keep up the good work


This is great for all who like kung-fu... Drunken fist style to ppl who didn't know yet...
The moves are kickin' and greatly animated! I sure hope to see more of these flash movies ;)

really great

How about making a Bruce Lee style movie ?

Great job !

It's same of a Jacky Chan's movie. "The Drunken Ninja" I remember... I think...

So... good job !