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Reviews for "Drunken Stick"

Ur just wun of dem guys

U kno wot, i gave u full rateing even befor that video ive seen sum of ur more updated work and i knew this wun will be a great stick anime to watch well thanks for entertaining me and keep up the new work

No balls for you!!

Lol!!He ripped his balls off!It was extremely awsome!Good job!


Very fast in the begining but when he is in happy hour everything felt like it was slowing down.


I've gotta say, you could be the next Terkoiz! Very smooth animation, great sound effects, nice background, great physics (he really looked like he was drunk), and absolutely hilarious! Epic win!

i would hate to see him during a hang over

he RIPED OFF THAT GUYS.....uhhhh well his how do i say this with ot geting in turble by tom....ughhhh his.......acorns......yeah.......poor dude his dates ganna lol when she see hes got none well he lost a gf most likely