Reviews for "Cheese Doodle Defender"


Mmm....my cheese noodle...........are gone..........*sob sob*

good job

nice but i cant play it bugs make me sick


the komodo dragon thing was hilarious. i got to the first lvl of the cat.

domreinalabaster responds:

It's funny how people think my worst fears (hordes of komodo dragons) are hilarious... Well, at least my sleepless nights have come to something!


The second cat part was PURE insanity (cute cat btw). Loved this game, Simple and addictive. Everything works, no bugs or glitches. you got yourself a solid 4.

domreinalabaster responds:

Thanks. I showed my cat the game, but he didn't seem to care about it one way or the other :)


I played all the way though... took me a min. I think my final score was like 532XXX ish... surprisingly fun game. Ranked 7th on the all time high score!!! W00T W00T!1!!1!