Reviews for "Garfield is Awesome"

Poor Odie...

You should have had some of his brains showing.

Kyaztro responds:

he has no brains

While Garfield is awesome...

I never thought I'd see Jon trying to shoot him. Poor Garfield. The animation was a bit choppy, and Garfield himself didn't really look too much like him. Also, Garfield doesn't talk, so his mouth moving kinda killed the Garfield-iness of it (?? I'm hoping you understand what I mean by that).
While I love Garfield and this animation, there are certain things that an artist should only be able to change slightly. Jon trying to pop a cap in Garfield, fine. Garfield talking? Took away the charm of Garfield's character, I think. Don't be offended by this, please, I'm just stating what I think.

Kyaztro responds:

yeah I was thinking of just having you hear garfields thoughts but I was afraid people would mistake it for laziness because I wasn't doing lip syncing

Jon Arbuckle kills Odie


i think garfield is a god in some ways but you made it some what suuccck no offence in any way


Old, weak, lame, only good bit - sound of bullets.