Reviews for "Warzone Tower Defense"

I'm probably going to sleep through halloween

Because I stayed up all night playing this.

Im hooked on this

I've been coming back to play this every time I get bored. This game is well programmed and provides a great level of difficulty. At first I thought it was way too hard but it is getting easier now. Managed to get second best so far on 100K fixed for the little fortress map! Yay

omg, dude, GREAT job!

i baso lutely LOVED this game, i didnt want to loose track of time in it, so i only got to lvl. 55, but i think this game is fanTASTIC, i mean, if you where to make a 2.0 on this game, i think it would be one of the best TD games i have EVER played... so, bacicly... good job

Love the game..

but I have a request. I would love to play a sand-box mode or unlimited funds. I'd like to see how long I could last if I were able to create the ultimate defense.

An excellent defense game!

This game is really dynamic. It allows for a lot of creativity, and some huge challenges.

There's no set path for the enemies to follow, so you get to make your own.
Various upgrades, many types of towers, and different enemies give it variety.

My only complaint was the short time between waves. But it adds a lot of fast-paced action to the game, and forces you to think fast.

Some room for improvement: More difficulties, custom modes, etc.

It's very challenging and fun. Well done!