Reviews for "Warzone Tower Defense"

great td game

a few hotkeys for selling/upgrades would be nice, and a way to heal our base would have made it a bit better.
Great game though!

Fun and VERY challenging...plus addicting.

Got to wave 148 from 5K start (Desert Pass (Ground Only)):

http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c29 /kevlardude2/WarzoneTowerDefense2008_

I wonder if there is a limit to the amount of waves or is it forever going until you lose. Very fun and a great time killer.


Wow, that was a great version of the game!

Great graphics.. a nice way of keeping it clean, and nice gradual increase in level.

Only bad part I'd found was the seeming lack of saving. Other than that, very nice gameplay!

Kudos on this one =]


my laptop screen to small to play this

Possibly the best TD on Newgrounds

Got to wave 167, after that i got overwhelmed. Weapons seem to have no to very little effect.

My advise: make a maze and shell the hell out of them with heavy cannons. That should keep you alive for some time.