Reviews for "Warzone Tower Defense"

Wave 119

Can't go past wave 119 fucking tank boss always owns me!

Excellent game! I think it only lacks of slowing turrets.

Great Game

Level 118 and the planes screwed me up since they are near indestructible, but even if a i destroyed them, there was a line of like 40 enemy's working it's way though my chain of walls. But overall i would say this game is a 9/10.

Fun Game

Definately one of my favorite games. Challenging and kept me involved numerous times

Great game

You're new here, but I'm glad to say that this is a great game! It's really hard, but the design is creative and manages to take a lot of thinking to be made. All in all, this is a great first game, and I look forward to any that you may have in the future!


...64. Level friggin 64. My god... I have to get higher.