Reviews for "One Big Morphing Orgasm"


excellant need i say more....

TheBoogley responds:


Holy shit

Best thing submitted to Newgrounds all year

TheBoogley responds:

oohhh, that's a big call. What about Jerry Jackson's new one.

Holy Hell

I was tripping balls so bad I didn't even realize when it relooped...
You guys had more than one music track, which was freaking great
All this morphing will keep me up for days
Great works guys

TheBoogley responds:

"keep me up for days," <3

Freakin AWESOME!!!

This is so cool, goes with the song and everything too...friggin' sweet.

TheBoogley responds:

thank you meaw meaw, we're glad you liked it!

gross but cool.

This is a little gross and its cool at the same time.

TheBoogley responds:

just like poop :3