Reviews for "One Big Morphing Orgasm"


tht was really cool good music graphics flow everything

TheBoogley responds:

you liked everything? wow, thanks! :D


It was a joy to watch and the music is amazing!

I want another one :]

TheBoogley responds:

another one? hmm...


I really, really like it! 10/10

TheBoogley responds:

okay, I believe you... but only because you said really twice :3


Hi i love this clip and screen saver ive gotten a lot of people interested by having it play on my office @ work or even when people come over to my place.

But since the Release of Snow Leopard on OSX ive not been able to play it.
After going into my screen saver settings it tells me that its not compatible and that i need to contact the developer. So here i am hoping that you'll be able to release a Snow Leopard version if possible. If not i don't mind doing it for you.

Thanks a bunch.

TheBoogley responds:

Thanks for the interest! I downloaded the package from a swiss website late last year, I didn't make it myself... If you can figure it out that'd be amazing! :D

holy #(%$#!@

being a newbie animator for both 2d and 3d i can see the skill and effort put into this. . . i cant put into words how impressed i am. . . keep up the good work! shining example of pro work

TheBoogley responds:

thanks a #(%$#!@ bunch :D