Reviews for "One Big Morphing Orgasm"

zip zop zoobity bop

crazy awesome
i want this movie for breakfast

TheBoogley responds:

skattin' and be-boppin'!! zip zop zoobity bop

LMAO @ Notpedobear

He freaking thinks you did this with tweens. What a complete flaming homosexual ass hole.

Anyways, this was absolutely incredible stuff. So friggin smooth. Great work to everyone!

TheBoogley responds:

We did do this with tweens, 12 year olds... :3

Amazing pictures...

ha i loved it...the music kept you in the zone... and some of the images I could relate too (the boobs)...

now leave me a witty author response..XD

TheBoogley responds:

you have boobs? They're actually quite heavy, those crazy old sacks of fat... :3


I love this, it was perfect in every way. you guys did and amazing job one this. ! thing tho "*edit* Due to popular demand I've turned it into a screensaver for MAC and PC.
Their are link buttons on the credits page to take you to the download page... :)"
yet i do not see a link. all i see is the shape tween.

TheBoogley responds:

sorry mate, I didn't realise that updates to the swf file have to be checked over by a mod. If you go to my userpage the links are in the newspost there.


Hi i love this clip and screen saver ive gotten a lot of people interested by having it play on my office @ work or even when people come over to my place.

But since the Release of Snow Leopard on OSX ive not been able to play it.
After going into my screen saver settings it tells me that its not compatible and that i need to contact the developer. So here i am hoping that you'll be able to release a Snow Leopard version if possible. If not i don't mind doing it for you.

Thanks a bunch.

TheBoogley responds:

Thanks for the interest! I downloaded the package from a swiss website late last year, I didn't make it myself... If you can figure it out that'd be amazing! :D