Reviews for "One Big Morphing Orgasm"


this was a great loop and a perfect song for the visual
it would probably go for a 15/10

TheBoogley responds:

that would be impossible! 8O

Freakin AWESOME!!!

This is so cool, goes with the song and everything too...friggin' sweet.

TheBoogley responds:

thank you meaw meaw, we're glad you liked it!

This was great.

I really enjoyed watching it, and the music fit the changes in the beginning. Overall I enjoyed it. You should try it with some color next time:D Maybe just one or two, and then work on adding more. I dunno, just an idea.:o

TheBoogley responds:

and a good idea too. :)

It's amazing...

I see things like this, things that are awe inspiring, and makes me want to become an animator. Such hard work must have went into this. I mean alot of in-betweening and variance was used and some of the images form were awesome and random. And for all the artist involved I say "Great job and hope to see more stuff like this"

The music is also great. It presents a perfect tone for this. It makes it a relaxing experience without letting it lose its entertainment value. And again great job, keep up the great work and i will keep coming back.

TheBoogley responds:

thank you for your detailed and sincere review! You're kind words of encouragement mean a lot to us! :D


I saw this as a screen saver on my friends computer, and i just went WTF is that?!
I fell in llove with it, basically. :D
completely amazing.

TheBoogley responds:

wow! I never expected it to spread like that! :D