Reviews for "Ghostscape"

Very Good Game, Time Consuming, But I Love It

Wow, this was ausome, the part where u open the closet and the Ghost popped out made me jump! :P

Found all Items
Score : 304100
Time: 23 Minutes 16 seconds

Psionic3D responds:

Well done, great score!!


It's great to play a game that I don't need a walkthrough for. Good graphics, nice attention to detail... Scared the crap out of me and I loved it!


Psionic3D responds:

Great, thanks for playing!!

It scare me

I pray during the game hehe
just kidding but, during the game, I was so tense ><
but a like it so much
Love be scared

Psionic3D responds:

Great, glad it scared ya a bit ;-)

freaky shit

pretty creepy shit here but heck of a game definitely a 10.

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks so much!!


So F awesome very scary and very good this earns a 10 and a 5!