Reviews for "Ghostscape"

a bit nostalgic, back when these games were popular

... damn i feel old T.T

"became paranoid in the months before halloween" so, at any time of the year not related to halloween?

Creepy and very well-made! Gets my heart pumping every time. The wardrobe made it difficult for me to fall asleep after my first time playing (I was a kid then, okay?). The wallpaper pattern is identical the corridor carpet from "The Shining". That was a nice touch!

Wow, it's scary!

This game is pretty good. The atmosphere is genuinely creepy and the area definitely looks old and decrepit, thus it deserves being condemned. After seeing that there are 25 ghosts at the very most (5 outright ghosts, 8 orbs since each are a separate spirit, 6 moving objects if each are animated by a different spirit, 5 messages if each are made by a separate spirit, and one spirit possessing a painting's eyes which follow you around), 5 bodies (one outright visible in the cellar, two hidden in the cellar's underground, and two hidden in the kitchen's underground) plus two bodies removed by the police (that of Jason and his wife), ten objects associated with occult practices (five red candles, a sacrificial dagger "of hatred", an occult book written in blood and bound by human flesh, an amulet filled with perpetually fresh looking blood, a ring that makes people insane, and a scrap of paper that has arcane symbols used to translate markings found throughout the house) plus an occult symbol set for a summoning ritual with five of those items, blood everywhere that seems to be fresh since it is red rather than rusty brown (old dried blood actually looks like rust rather staying red), and the fact that the house was found abandoned by the police despite Jason and his wife having lived there for some time according to the wife's diary makes me wonder just what the Hell happened in that house. The mystery intrigues me and I'd like to find out more about what exactly went down in that house.