Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"


I think that the graphics employed in this 3-part episode are the best I've ever seen here on Newgrounds. The effect of nuclear bombs on real cities reach, if not complete realism, a degree of plausibility that can't keep me from congratulating to whoever conceived, designed and shaped those parts.
The architecture really behaves like architecture: some structure are not annihilated at first, but collapse little by little, while first the radioactive and secondly the shock wave hits them.
It's a magnificent scene.

Backgrounds and landscapes are also great; the way trails slowly disperse in the sky, in this and other parts of the first episodes, is so realistic it shocked me.

Now I wonder how much effort you put in this, and mostly how much time and money, to come up with such a perfect beauty.

I also watched the teaser four years ago, and despite all other people is saying, I still believe you took GIANT leaps forward in improving your animating skills, already at best back then.

I also heard that some people were putting forward critique over historical realism. I study International Relations, so I should be the first to criticise the fact that Iran amasses that huge stockpile and missile vectors (or nuclear submarines) to hit the U.S. in this short time; or that a war between Iran and the U.S. is not a World War and would not develop like that. But this is merely splitting hairs: I don't believe any of this matters when it comes to fiction.
Here we are talking about a huge effort of describing a nuclear war hitting the U.S., whether it be Iran or another state, or even no states, it matters the least.

If this review sounds too much like a straightforward eulogy, well, I think it could be due to the fact that it really is. I can't find a flaw in this series.


But why did she kill the marines? or did someone kill the marines?

I lookforward to episode two when im 25.

Great Stuff...

It really should be all in one movie though. Splitting it into three ruins the flow. The nuclear explosion scenes were amazing but i find it unlikley that the US could or would be anilihated like that in a nuclear war. As John Stewart put it... were not the best best at country building but last time I checked we are number one at country destroying. But amazing work. Keep it up.

Great video!!!

I remember seeing the teaser/trailer years ago. Glad to see it actually being made now.

I was thinking of one thing during the nuclear destruction: QUICK HIDE INSIDE A REFRIGERATOR!


Very Excellent work! I have never seen such a realistic flash before. You sent shivers down my spine when you gave me such a realistic wake up call on just how cruel war can be, and how devestating the power of a nuclear bomb is.

To put it into something I can see was very powerful. Thanks. If you could make this into a movie somehow to make money off your hardwork, I think that would be a great path for you. Doing it all in flash just isn't wisest choice due to the amount of time you take to make such amazingly detailed drawings.

Goodluck! 4.5/5 stars in my books. (Cant give u a 5 till i see everything)