Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"

One Word



Besides this flash being of heavenly proportions at awesomeness, as gamefreak20000 said, this could probably turn real, and if it would, not only America would be affected, radiations from the atomic bombs would spread out over the world and it would destroy the entire nature and ecosystem. I really found many people thinking that America's war would probably, eventually, lead to something like the end of the world.

AAAnyways, awesome flash, can anyone help me freeze myself till the next episode appears?please?


it was really good, and accurate. i can't get over the detail of it all. truly amazing and well done.

Thanks for the entertainment

Great animations...
More specifically, ur genius in terms of
- Background/landscape design
- Lights / Shadows rendering
- Getting the right cutscene with the right music on the right time and pack everything together

Scarier than any doomsday film in recent memory

There is a sense of dread in these films that perfectly captures the current political climate in America. The buildup to the nuclear attack, especially the shots of the missile clouds extending over the pacific are absolutely chilling. I think the character design and animation could be refined slightly, (her lines are too thick IMO) but thats just nit picking, the impact of this trilogy is incredibly powerful. Brilliant, one of the best animations ever released on New Grounds. You deserve a team of animators to help realize this series in under four years.