Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"


Great Video! Have a question though, why did she kill the guys that rescued her?
or are you going to show that in a future episode?

Oh my God!!

Unfuckingbelivable.... that was phenom! You gotta come out with ep.2 soon or I'm afraid that there will be riots. Totally amazing.

i just watched the apocolypse

and it redefines (LITERALLY) flash artistry.....

wait.... was this a flash?


i thought i was watching a 4 hour motion picture at the top of the box office! D: WTF?




everything i love in movies

who would vote less than a 5 of this masterpiece????

One of The Best Out There

This is the first video on Newgrounds which I have watched which really took me aback visually. Some of these scenes simply look too good to have been made. Very very very good job with the animation. The story was portrayed very nicely and realistically. You are extremely gifted as a flash artist...this is just truly amazing stuff. I really look forward to seeing more from you.

The only real disappointment was that it was on my computer. You should up-scale this! I would pay real bucks to watch this series on the big screen. This is just...wow...brilliant stuff...masterpiece...words can't describe it...

Haha, anyways, I look forward to seeing more. Fav'd.


Naw just playing, it's freggin awesome.