Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"

Sad, so sad...

I fear for earth, that was so cool, and brutal to see the big cities fall...

Class Act

I sent eps 1&2 to a friend who said "Why do you want to depress me?" Reason is this is a brilliant animation. If, like me you can remember the 60s, the theme will be familiar territory, but the execution of the movie is great with the Spielberg-like telling of the story through one person's experience. For those to whom the concept is new and shocking, watch The War Game, a 1965 film about the nuclear holocaust by Peter Watkins, which was banned for 20 years because it shocked people too much.

i sense another top flash

not only in the sense that it made the top 50 of all time but i mean like one of those flashes that people will be looking forward to their next episodes

Story/Originality: 5/5
I mean really, predicting a possible outcome on todays current events would usually be annoying if it weren't so probable. And thats what you have - a very possible and likely outcome for todays future. When i saw where you went with the Iraq War it made me want to watch to see what you think the future will be like (basically i agree with cyborgonetic).

Sound/Music: 3.8/5
voice actors: decent
music: appropriate
sound effects: better than decent
basically its adequate, but the good kind of adequate

Graphics: 4.7/5
The way you draw the people is really good and movement is great. When it showed all the nukes hitting i thought "wow, these explosions are so freakin awesome." Then i saw another explosion. And then another. At some point i was thinking you just wanted to show off how well you could draw explosions but i digress.

These are key points which I believe make a great flash, and you my friend, have basically mastered these. Just don't falter.
All in all i have to give this flash a 4.4/5
Keep up the good work.

Realism that's scary.

Excellent work.

I live in Dana Point, CA which is just a few miles from San Clemente and Camp Pendleton Marine Base, so it literally all strikes literally close to home.

It was so beautiful... and scary.


So realistic it's scary! This was BRILLIANTLY created, and executed, but the idea is so very traumatic. . .all the horror could happen at ANY time, it could happen today, tomorrow, or next year. It all depends on us.