Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"


The quality you put into these submissions is legendary around Newgrounds already. Sure, the dialog was a bit quiet compared to the background sound effects, but the solid artistic performance negates that effect for me. This is just awesome. I seriously can NOT wait for more. I might go on a murder spree.


first off, i gave you a 10, and i RARELY ever give tens. i consider myself a very strict critic for flashes and only give 10s if i think what i just saw was PERFECT, and thats why you got a 10 from me

oh my GOD!!!!!!

The explotions where AMAIZING!!! WOW!! WOW!!! OH MY GOD!!

Something to be very proud of mate.


I dunno what you did, but you did it. For me this could top Xombie...Hell...Even madness! As being one of the greatest animated series to ever grace this humble site.

Aside from the vocal quality of the lead, everything else was stunning. An excellent use of suspense and action tied together with superb graphics and animation to unite thrilling yet emotional story.

I hope future episodes live up to the same, Masterful quality.

Another thing I liked is how, for me, you pretty much predicted a very...VERY likely future for the story. Because eventually...we're gonna piss Iran off, and their gonna go mental, and the USA will most likely overreact as the have always done (no offense people), and end up in that kind of situation.

Anywho back to the movie, fitting soundtrack did well to set up the scenes and sway the emotion. Only niggle I have is with the Leads voice, either its the mic or she didn't sound "convincing" enough for me.

But still, overall a 5/5 and 10/10. Keep it up please ^^!


I dont personally live in the states, but this is something. It touched me emotionly and shocked me as well. You have hit the sensitve strings of everyone and not just Americans. This could be how the world ends.