Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"


this is a pretty raw and grim look at what our future could possibly look like.. ive been following this since i saw the teaser trailer like what a year ago? but i understand since you do all the animation urself... i dont kno the first thing about flash, but i kno doing this single handedly had to take some time lol... how long for more episodes because this is just awesome....

holy shit

just. wow. that was incredibly impressive, artistically done the explosions were yoda says. mmm.

interesting to see what you do with the story next.


How come she killed the soldiers that saved her though?

few questions

this is amazing, but i have a few questions
she keep saying now shes alone, but she shot the soldiers,so its part of her falut?
also she stole a truck from some one, but how did they survive?


Best apocalyptic flash ever seen