Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"

pure amazement

i hope we don't have to wait four more years for the next episode.


*Sniff* I remember watching the trailer for this years ago and it was beautiful. I waited in anticipation for a long time and... *Sniff* it's just so damn amazing. Thank you!

Its great, but why the continuity issues?

Not only is your view of post-nuclear USA extremely pessimistic, why would a rational human being not only leave a nuclear shelter after the initial nuclear bombardment of the USA but also kill the marines who saved her?

Why isnt radiation poisoning affecting her yet and how is it possible for people to be fighting each other over supplies already? The former doesnt help the story and the latter exemplifies your cynicism.

However with that said, its a great flash, and I must say I found myself quite in awe at your impression of "the end of the world". It was eerie, realistic and somehow extremely prophetical. Keep up the work and remember to tie the loose ends!


Great effects, great sound, pretty much great everything. Don't fully understand what happened in the shelter though.

And I kinda think the idea of a busty blonde fighting in a nuclear wasteland a cliche, but I guess it's only an internet cartoon. It's not meant to be Shakespeare.


that is awsome dude. very good animations

i'm trying to start a end of the world animation series but it wont be as good graphics as yours