Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"


All three parts of this episode are some of the best animation that i have ever seen anywhere on the internet. It is clear that realms of time and effort went into the creation of this and personally, I can't wait for episode 2.

Lets just hope that we won't have to wait until 2012 to see it =P


All my 5 r belong to this!

And the other parts too...

Possibly one of the most visually intense flashes we've seen on newgrounds.

Must say, i wish that girl was real.... damn, you get some big boobs and ass on her.


interesting thing to watch on election day...


This Flash is so good I can actually call it a film. I have watched all three now, and am overwhelmed with the effort and input put into this.
Art was fantastic (asides from the 3D using which i slightly disliked, i suppose howver it suited it.) The nuclear mushrooms were brilliantly drawn.
Script was so good that the movie actually scared me.
Audio was outstanding, when to put music, radio, misiles, screams, booms, folie etc.

All three of the flashes deserve to be in 'best of all time'

Kick ass

The story is so awesome.... anyone else notice she was holding a gun and the soldiers were shot in the head? I hope it gets explained.... can't wait for ep2