Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"

This is only Episode 1

And you have way more to explore on for sure. The way you displayed everything totally rocked the house. A very suspenseful and climactic ending. Animation was through the roof, and even though you say you had problems with the dialogue I thought it was pretty good, but delaying the release I think was a plus, because the sound and everything with the dialogue still made it pretty dramatic. Way to go, you rock, and can't wait for episode 2!!


Can't wait till ep IV! I'm speechlees agaian.

Oh, my god

These are the greatest flash movies I've ever seen. Great animation, sound (even though the mic's not very good like you said), and so far, great storyline. Pretty pessimistic, and hopefully it will never happen.
Too bad I have to view it in low quality and with a lot of lag (crappy PC -.- ).

I think we must all realise that this can actually happen, because if one country in it's desperation launches a nuke, nucleair retaliation will happen, no matter the target or country it launched. The only good thing about a nuclear war is that it would not last long, since everyone will be dead in a matter of hours. and ofcourse survivors will still die because of the fallout.


did she crash into a canoe?


Hope this prevision is wrong.