Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"

i liked the idea, and the animation was good. i enjoyed watching it, it shows the bad side of human nature, shows what power can do if used wrongly


Never stop making these episodes, they are too amazing to not continue. Great job!

Please post tutorials of how you animate! Pllleeeaasssee! :)

Anyone notice the face on the Statue of LIberty? It's ashaming how we as a human race is to enthralled in making the next most devasting weapon instead of helping one another prosper. Think of what all this money going to war and construction of war tools could be used for something else, something that can promote a better future...

Maybe they were trying to take advantage of her seeing how the world was ending. Or maybe they wouldn't let her out as they thought it too dangerous and she had an overwhelming urge to find her family?

Anyways great video and I'm looking forward to see more.