Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"


cliffhanger! Nooooo! but anyway, the best flash ive ever seen. I totally disagree with max though, (sorry max) just becasue a guy kinda looks funny before a nuke blows him away doesn't make this a comedy series. and, the old man? poor guy : (
p.s. come out wit episode 2 quickly!

some damn good animation!

Honestly that animation is amazing! i've never seen animation that good! i agree with the person below me about the shooting of the soldiers but im sure it'll be explained later in the series.

It's a damn good idea but i think it's very clich├ęd, though the animation makes up for that!

Well done!

Awesome atmosphere!

The atmosphere in this part is nearly perfect. The music, sound effects and yes - this time even the main character's facial expressions, were great. I stay with my opinion that she should've made a small breathing sound or whatsoever.

There is one point of critisism on the total. The serie is quite serious, which is good for the theme. Yet there are some very comedian figures in this serie: the old man in part two just looked very funny (and did his pacemaker die due to the EMP?) and the guy in part 3 who died also didn't really look serious.

So there is room for improvement, but you are very talented in making movies (not only flash movies, I think you would do well in real movies when you look at sound effects and story). I'm looking forward to see the story unfold.

Thanks for making this great flash.


[P.s: 9/10][4/5]

yup it's cool

yeah you made awesome work but i just don't get why she killed soldiers that was a bit illogic


Hahaha! Man, that was awesome. I've never seen anything like that before...
I consider myself a creative individual but I NEVER would've thought of something so unique. It's political, yeah, but the focus is on your protagonist, not necessarily the powers that be. Great story with a great emphasis...