Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"

Wow... That's all I gotta say.... You are PRO

I loved this series alot :) I definately hope to see more of this series, keep on making this series. I believe you can do it :D

It took awhile but I finally realized, your story is written and drawn by multiple artists which makes everything look different on every page. And the reason it took so long to make all this is because the rewards you promised after the teaser came out never materialized did it? Now you want someone to fund this and pay these artists? Its an old story line and a different take on honor-verse. I don't see getting funding for anything like this the story has been retold so many times.
Sorry Robs; this will never work until you are able to do it yourself. And its been so many years since the teaser came out, everyone has forgotten you.

This was awesome, i think she would be hotter with red hair but thats just my opinion. this has a potential to be a full series. 5 stars for a job well done!