Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"


Really cheesy heh heh. The nuke wouldn't have "U.S military" on it it'd have the branch. In this case most likely the NAVY. The people deployed to help out wouldn't be Marine corps, because there are like 3 of those guys and they're all off fighting on the front lines. The ARMY would be there because the national guard and the Coast guard would be the first two sent to help the people evacuate or get to shelters. Annnd the fabled EMP bomb wouldn't work. Don't you think someone would have done it by now? Allow me to explain, everything this century has EMP shielding. That's prevent electro magnetic pulse from scrambling the electronic signals a computer chip uses. Sorry to say, but nowadays ((Especially if it were in the future)) EMP couldn't knock out your cell phone :P. Much less helicopters made by w/e military branch that was from, or air liners. If you can see the mushroom cloud from where you are ((Especially that big)) You just need to kiss your *** and count to five.

Well, it doesn't deserve any less than 10 because it's all fictional anyway and it has realllly good animation and drawings and obviously you've worked very hard :]. I'll stick around for the rest because this could turn out very nicely. Good job! :D


Animation is top notch, sounds are very good, and i love your style. Few things i dont get yet tho. 1: whats her motivation? the world ended and shes just surviving? resident evil esque? and 2: whyd she kill the soldiers...din't they save her?

Nearly Perfect in Every Aspect.

This goes for all three parts.

What really MADE the movie was the cinematography, and it's obvious that this is coming from somebody that actually knows what they're doing. The animations were very impressive, especially the dust and radiation sequences throughout this one. Even the sound was brilliantly mapped. Subtle effects like the crescendo, and decrescendo as the car whooshed past made the movie all the more impressive.

It's the first episode, so I won't be too harsh on the story and characters. This one basically just sets the theme, mood, and setting, but make sure to make the story a bit more dynamic for future installments. The whole presentation was a bit cliched, as well done as the cliche may have been. Of course, that may be what makes this so successful. Nuclear fallout and World War III are some of America's worst fears, and for good reasons. Make sure you do a bit more in character development as well-I can't even remember the girl's name, as hot as she was.

Please, don't have her fighting zombies in the next installment.

I don't get it...

Why did she kill the soldiers? You know, the ones that saved her life?
It was still cool though.

flippin amizing!!!!!!

ok this was great it all cam together really well. thanx for doin such a great job!!! this was deffanetly a 10