Reviews for "Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt3)"

I dug up my account info just so I could login...

... and tell you that this animation is grippingly deep, powerful, and extremely well done. I didn't know what the release date was and, believing the teaser to be an enthusiastic beginning with no conclusion, would pathetically and sporadically scour the interwebs in search of the next chapter of one of my favourite (and most inspirational) flashes.

Ths is epic, and stories will be told. Please, go on...

what doesnt kill you makes you stronger

hmmmmm well since it could happen withing the next minute i guess being in the Army should payoff for combat use but anyway i guess im lucky not being in Iraq but just like the guy before me said this could make exaggerations. my problem would be trying to save my.......well u know what im talking about

Ugh!! So AWESOME!!!!!!

people like haloboy dont see that this will most likely happen in the next 2-3 years. Amazing effects and such a great story line. This could make television!! No exaggeration!!


Sweetest animation made in a very very long time. You're the man, Rob, and I hope we'll see more of you in the future. (If it doesn't get blown away by World War III xD)

And for those dickweeds like Haloboy, Crucifier and others: STOP BEING SUCH ASSHOLES, no one gives a fuck that you find this inapropriate, disturbing, depressing and that you don't want to know how humanity will come to it's end. By the way, I have a message for you: MOST PROBABLY, IT WILL BE LIKE THIS!!!!

Quote by Haloboy: "It was too real and disturbing how could some 1 make somthing like this." MORON, THAT'S THE POINT OF MAKING MOVIES. If you find it disturbing and 'too real', go to your corner and cry, because stuff like that is happening right now, right on this very planet in places like Gaza. Sorry I'm being so rude, but giving people zeros because it looks realistic is totally stupid and respectless. Even more because this man TRIED to make it realistic.

Oh, Crucifier, you're a jerk and a total idiot. About everyone here is interested in how the world will end, because it'll be in the future, and the future is pretty important for us, because WE'LL BE SPENDING THE REST OF OUR LIVES THERE.



PS: Be happy that I didn't report some of you, because your comments were totally unhelpful.


So realistic it's scary! This was BRILLIANTLY created, and executed, but the idea is so very traumatic. . .all the horror could happen at ANY time, it could happen today, tomorrow, or next year. It all depends on us.