Reviews for "Skate Thug"


I love sk8boardin but this wasnt very good and i no that this may only be made to kill crap but sheesh i dont no how to put it ...... :( to thumbs wwwaaaayyyy down :( soz better luck next time !


I am something of a hypocrite, i hate skating but love scating games, and although this isnt the best it is defiately in the top 10

I dont care

HOw good the graphics were or any of the other areas i hate it because it is a skating game and i hate skating games that is the worst topic of them all !!!


this game is great.. i don't get why it isn't scoring higher. yeah, there should definitely be more stuff like this. i vote 5.

Very Interesting

Great game, funny as shit! Extra-ordinary originality, and great ending with the Cop Car. I cant wait for "Skater's on Crack!"