Reviews for "How Shall He Die 1 - M136"


its very cool, but it was too short!!

Murad136 responds:

Thank you! I'll do my best to make the next one longer!

Um, no

For something that supposedly took long to finish this falls way short. Music sucks. Only 4 choices? Sucks! Could have been way better. EPIC FAIL!

Murad136 responds:

Wow your a dick, you don't think it deserves 0? Isn't that a bit harsh, I really tried aswell. It's all about practice I'm not like other artists on Ng, you ever tried flash, do you know how hard it is?


damn it murad- u done it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
more choices, lol
great music

Murad136 responds:

Haha - Thanks man! It's been a while, yet again! Seriously though, thanks.

Quite Good

Short, actually, very short, but quite cool, i like the magic and madness feature, ill give it a 5/10

Murad136 responds:

Thank you very much. Good to know the ones that you liked!