Reviews for "How Shall He Die 1 - M136"


Visuals: Not all that well done, it was poorly drawn and the animation was very rough, that whole deal with the gun changing from a half decent one to the poorly drawn one didn't help matters, and I really couldn't understand what was happening during the magic death

Audio: good choice here, and some decent sound effects, sounds like you got the screaming from Excite Bike, good job

Overall: Simple concept, could stand to see a few more options if you decide to make another like this, I'd say the minimum is at least double what you have here, hope to see you improve further and make some great stuff in the future

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Murad136 responds:

Well I didn't really want to use a sprite too much, but also I had done the animation before the menu :). Heheh, no, Excite Bike just got the same sound as me from a website :) Ok, I'll deffo add more options, thanks!


This had quite poor animation, it really did not flow very well at all. The initial idea has been done before, you did make a good attempt at it though and some of the deaths were quite "entertaining" - as noted, more than 4 would be good. Also some of the sounds were quite out of sync. Still, not that bad. Keep on making flash.

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Murad136 responds:

Ok, thanks, I'll work on my animation. Thanks again!


"Chose the death" flashes/games are quite old, but I guess they are good for practicing ones flash skills.

The deaths where quite varied, which is always a good thing in those kind of games. ^^
Only the first "magic death" was a bit disappointing, because I couldn't tell at first what was goind on.

Also I hoped there would be more deaths to choose from than just 4. I think you should try and add a few more.

The musical choice was excellent. The song fits the flash very well.

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Murad136 responds:

Thanks! I'll be sure to add some more deaths, yeah it was good practice too. Thanks again!


Funny murad ;)

Murad136 responds:

Haha, thanks.

Lovely GarbiPK!

You really are getting better.

Comments before actual review - Wow, I remember the first couple of flashes that you ever made and you showed us on the GS forums. You have greatly improved and it looks like you are getting pretty decent at actionscript? Do you think our madness flash will end up turning out good?

Animation/Graphics - Not good lol. Very rough and poorly drawn. The drawing themselves were very rough, but I'm also talking about the animation itself. Very glitchy and not smooth at all. Again it's a great improvement of things that you have done before, but it still needs to get much better before your flashes start receiving decent scores. When you choose the gun option the gun turns from the well drawn/sprite gun to the badly drawn gun. :( That's not good.

Story/Content - Not bad choices here. The ones that you had were decent and interesting. I think you need about twice as many that you have though. That's all that I can think about here. Add some new weapons and/or situations and that will improve the score of this flash. :)

Audio - A great improvement from the last flash of yours that I had reviewed. The background music was pretty good and you had some good sound effects added in. Unlike the last flash where you had neither.

Overall - The animation is really the only thing holding you back in your animations. Way too rough and it just doesn't run smoothly. Hopefully you can improve on things like that in the future.


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Murad136 responds:

Wow - Thanks so much. Those were the days, ey? Yeah our flash is defiantly going to be done, I've started gathering sprites and stuff already. I just need to finish MS5 which is taking me a while. Thanks again, I'll take all your advice. Glad you noticed I have been practising:)