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Reviews for "Tycoon Game Tutorial"

its good

but i wanted to make a build something idea like sims or theme park etc......

MarioFlashMovies responds:



I will SOON be airing my tycoon, Name? "RPG Tycoon" It wont have too bad of graphic's and it will have TON's of thing's to buy, IT NEVER END'S!! (Also, FYI, It will give you LOT's of credits and Newgrounds get's part due to letting me put it on the site!) And it will ALSO have something COOL, A Plot twist, YOU CAN GET OWNED BY AN EPIC MONSTER, Only happen's when you put the Danger at Death (You get TON's of money if you dont die!!)

Thank you...

Unlike the person below me, You will actually see my tycoon game soon. It will be utterly customizable. Look out for it.


Well its not the BEST tycoon tutorial......well actully its the only tycoon tutorial out there..

Hey,Good Work!

Hey, this is a good tutorial and shows clearly all the basics of a tycoon game. To be honest It's not the best tutorial in the word but I think you already know that. Overall I gave you a 5 because there aren't if any tutorials telling us how to make tycoon games. For the whole game in general I'm going to give you a seven.
Oh Yeah! This is really annoying me.
You Put : Hi NG! it's my... 31th submission!
Should Be: Hi NG! it's my... 31st submission!

MarioFlashMovies responds:

What should i do? i'm israeli!

Yep that's not THE best tut.