Reviews for "polarity"

not bad

nice game for the most part. you mixed up the enemies a little in the last 25% which was good. it was pleasantly challenging, though definitely on the easy side. as long as i had spray shot and homing missile powerups then i was fine, otherwise it was a bit tougher. the spiked ball powerup was really useless, but no matter. i quite expected a boss to finish off the game, but oh well. even though there was little variation in the gameplay and bosses and such, shooter's can't do much to avoid such simplicity. in all it wasn't great but wasn't bad either. i suppose i should mention that the music was good, it didn't particular stand out as good but it didn't annoy me at all either so it didn't get in the way either. the shield polarity element definitely kept me interested where i usually hate shooters, and it really helped to be able to stack powerups as well as keep old weapons on the next level - something that would have been a massive pain if it wasn't there. also, you might want to consider changing the standard key for shield polarity to something else, it isn't very practical at B for most people since people usually would press B with their left hand but the left hand is tied up in the movement controls (i changed it to K myself, anywhere around that area works). well done, good luck with your next projects. remember, don't get discouraged if you don't succeed with future works. just keeping going on, and make what you love to make. having a good time is more important than getting recognition (although getting recognition is a great bonus!).


Not quite as deep or intricate as Ikaruga but a great game nonetheless. The polarity changes really lend an element of strategy to the game that's missing from a lot of games of the shooter genre.

Really makes me nostalgic for old school shooters like Raptor and Raiden.

Would have liked to have been able to keep weapons from level to level however.

Great Job, it's going in my favorites!

ugur responds:

Thanks a lot :)
And yup, in the latest update i just uploaded the weapons you collected are kept from level to level :)


Whoever made this really went that extra mile, I think that if there was such a thing, they would win teh flash game of the year :)

ugur responds:

cheers, good to hear such things, motivates me to work on the game some more. Squize, Jeb, Vengeance and me made the initial version we had on CS, now i´m working on the updates alone, i see some potential in the game so i want to tweak and enhance it some to max out more of that :)

demotivating bug

Nice one with the colors. I never played Ikaruga, but if its like this game, it must be fun.
Only thing... a short time after I shot this strange boss that had a rotor made of balls I collided with an enemy. After that all enemys went out of he screen, the scrolling stopped and I could fly over ground that didnt move and had no enemys. After flying some circles and trying to shoot trees with no effect I got bored and quit.
You should see, if you can fix that.

ugur responds:

hey there,
thanks for the friendly words and sorry about that bug, i meanwhile fixed it and uploaded a new version.


nice game vry gd graphics nd very entertaning overall