Reviews for "polarity"

Fast, fun, but still needs a lot of improvement.

It was fun and enjoyable. The graphics were of VERY good quality for any flash game, and certainly some of the highest quality amateur graphics work I've seen. That is what got just about all the points. It was certainly fun, but it needs to be a bit harder. I'm not terribly good at flying shooters but I got daily 6th place under the name Necrophades, and over-all 9th place. Even though it has been around only a few days, I still shouldn't be that good.

What lost the most points was not originality, but music. Music was horrible and mind-numbingly repeatetive on an under 5-second loop. We need longer, more dynamic music. Sound effects were okay though.

Originality isn't something I rate on very much unless it's in a genre in great need of originality. Flying shooters are some of the oldest games out there, and the "Polarity" idea is almost as old, so just about everything you can think of has probably been done. I can't shove a blam stick in your ass for failing at something that I see as nearly impossible.

Your graphics work is amazing, and your definite strong point. Capitalize on that.

Very good game.

However reminiscent to many other games out there, it has it's little mark to distinguish it and be a stand-alone game.

We are not new to the idea of a "bi" ship/warrior that cannot be harmed by one specific type of weapon, which is a concept that develops in the game.

Here it was done quite well and there are certainly no complaints regarding any feature in the game except that it does not make a special imprint in the genre.

My suggestion would be either to insert something highly original into the game, or expanding more into the way it was already going, meaning, a defense game, which could give a lot more options for more game hours and features.

Still, great game.

It was good, but....

I definately would have loved some sort of permanent upgrade system; having said that, the graphics and game play were good - keep it up ^^

Good Game, needs improved controls

This game has potential. Granted the game is a rip off of a Gamecube game called Ikaruga, but I have been looking for a flash version to play online. The art is nice, the visuals are great, but the controls need to be improved a little bit. They feel a bit slow, and I think the "change polarity" button ("B") should be changed. I feel it is too close to the other hand and the space bar. I keep pressing the space bar, wanting the polarity change. Controlling the ship feels a bit sluggish and I feel should be a little more responsive. But overall, great execution of the idea.


i just wasted a minute or to of my time *sigh* guess i wont get those back
3 points for graphics