Reviews for "polarity"

Wow look! Ikaruga!

This game IS Ikaruga, just far worse. Better luck next time.

Not very good

I'm not really sure how this got onto the front page, when you move to the right half the screen goes black for some reason

ugur responds:

there was a bug in an updated version, i insta uploaded a fixed version once i noticed the problem, just reload the game and it should be fine.
(You may have to clear your cache to go sure you get the latest version)


ripped of idea only done worse enemy AI also sucked but i give you a 2

Greatly made game...but...

it needs adjustable controls because the controls were so awkward. Also, you need an option so that you can fire with your mouse clicker. I don't know if It's just me or not, but, I can't move diagonally with my ship, when i'm holding the spacebar down.

Other than that, it's a nicely made game, but you need a bit more variety in the monsters. 4/5

Rip off

You basically riped off ikaruga with the 2 polarities and if a enemys bullet that hits you but your the same color shield as it, you take no damage. The Game plays bland and the only reason i gave it 2 is for because its graphics are quite good. I would suggest that you try to make the movement for the ship more swift and i would raise it a star. And you could improve music and the story line. Its too generic for a stroy line