Reviews for "polarity"


you got everything working, but the field of play is too small, the enemy swarm too great, also it seems a little childish to have blue or red weapons but I get the idea


not saying it was bad but the dang thing wont load <_<

have no trouble with any other games ect on this site lol and iv got cable gave up on this after waiting 10 mins

ugur responds:

hey there, updated it and worked on the loading so now there are no loading waits ingame anymore, once the main file is loaded you´re ready to go :)

Could be better

Its a cool idea for a game but the controlls are super gay

Pretty good execpt

I hat the fact that you lose all of your powerups when you get hit and that to get a good powerup you have to go threw a swarm a enemies while changin your powerups cause you kept shooting and that the fight was hard other than that preetty good

ugur responds:

i´ll work some on those things :)


good game. nice graphics, just done too many times.