Reviews for "polarity"

Very fun! Also:

SinfulFuzzball, you're an idiot.

To quote the description, this game is "heavily inspired by Ikaruga." Way to point out what the Author has already said.

Other than that, a really fun game. Ikaruga was an awesome game, in part because of the Polarity mechanics, and I'm glad to see that there are people out there who have the guts to use the same mechanic, even though they know that others will see the game and say "lol Ikaruga" like a bunch of idiots.

I remember

playing this n the gamecube, It was called Ikaruga

map to small

i don't mind the red or the blue weapons or the simularity between this and so many other games but it seems like 4 sec into this i got 10 enemies on the board and thier coming from everywhere but behind cause you can't slow the scroll down. I played this for 3 min and got frustrated by the number of enemies that shot me from the side where i can't defend myself other then that it's ok

not bad

not a bad game, but apple mac's used to ship with an almost identical game, but it had better powerups and a slightly wider field of play, so on its own not a bad game at all, but theres quite alot out there already thats way too similar

Rip off much

i can only give this a 5 cause there is a Real game made call Ikaruga and thats the original game with polarity shifting