Reviews for "polarity"


However, reminds me of Ikaruga. Great game.

ugur responds:

cheers, yeah, obviously i like ikaruga :)

Good and simple

But I don't like much these games.

ugur responds:

yeah, no problem man, i know not everyone likes shmups, i´m one of those oldschool guys who digs em a lot :)

10 Thumbs up!! (if I had 10)

this is as smooth a shooter as they come, with a very high Battle Squadron like look :-)

Loved the shield polarity idea, especially with it going all the way to the level boss!

Only minor complaint is that at times the game seemed slow on picking up on my command to switch polarity (not even especially during larger enemy waves).

ugur responds:

thanks for the cheering words. i´ll tweak the controls some more.

very nice

Awesome space shooter. The game looks very good. The effects are very professional looking and pleasing to the eye.

The sounds and music are spot on. They don't take the main stage but complement the game very well.

The difficulty was good. I was playing it 'normal' and it felt challenging even then at some points.

Nothing to complain about the game, good job :).

ugur responds:

thanks, such feedback makes it worth spending all those nights on the games :D
I´m also glad to hear the difficulty is good now. Initially there was no energy bar so one died instantly on one hit and the game area was smaller,too.
I felt like that´s maybe too harsh so i raised the game dimensions so one has more space to maneuver and yeah, not dying on the first hit helps,too :)
I noticed it takes a while till one gets used to how to use the shield and bullet color switching to not die so quickly and kill the baddies quicker so i hope the other changes make it a bit easier to get into.
Stll tweaking things some here and there, but yeah, always good to hear if some things already work well :)

Reminds me of...

..of Time Raider
And thats why its awesome!!
Nice game play, its a fairly differcult game but thats what makes it great..
Keep up the work!

ugur responds:

cheers, will try :)