Reviews for "polarity"

A little too fast

good idea, just far to quick for us mere mortals. Lovely graphics and smooth gameplay other than the speed issue. Frustratingly hard to keep up with.

ugur responds:

i´ll try to think of a way to improve that, maybe add another difficulty setting where it scrolls slower or something like that?


Wow! that 3D almost looks real!

ugur responds:

i´m glad to hear, the aim was actually more an a bit abstract but still halfway realistic look :)


Not seen decent one of these for a while! It would help if you could upgrade every 2-3 levels and such. How does the live system work? i ran out and started on the same level at 3? You should make it 1/4 or1/2 your score for losing all lives.
Cool. 20/10

ugur responds:

good suggestions, will work on those things. right now when one looses a life one gets back to the last checkpoint in the level, when one looses all lifes (but still has continues) one gets set back to the beginning of the level.

Very Good!!!

Excellent game. The graphics and gameplay rocks.

Ikaruga is my favorite shoot'em up =)

ugur responds:

cheers, glad you dig it :)


Did not like having to restart the level each time i died, generally have a reinsertion of the fighter at the point you died, but all in all, a fun game 4/5 9/10

ugur responds:

you don´t have to restart the whole level when you get far in, but yeah, i get your point, restarting right where one died would be cool, i´ll work on that, thanks for the feedback.